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A Love Letter to 'Star Wars Resistance'

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Star Wars Resistance, "Into the Unknown."

Dear Star Wars Resistance,

We miss you.

The galaxy looks a lot different than when we last saw each other. We could really use Neeku’s toolbox of positivity right about now… and his water bottle. Staying hydrated has never been more important.

We miss waking up on Sunday morning and going along on the latest adventure with Kaz and the Colossus crew. We miss Yeager’s steadfast attitude and words of inspiration that kept us on the right path no matter the obstacles ahead. We miss Tam’s perseverance in staying true to herself and reinforcing that we are more than the sum of our mistakes, cataclysmic or not. We miss Neeku’s inexplicable sense of enthusiasm, even when all hell is breaking loose. We miss Kaz, Kaz-tastrophes and all.

We miss you all. Yet, no matter how tough this year has gotten, we somehow find our way back to you on Remembering Resistance Day.

You represented the light within the darkness. You’re everything Star Wars storytelling should aspire to be and more. You taught us that it’s okay to laugh at ourselves, even when our hand is being chewed on by a Gorg. You exemplified why animated storytelling is no less important than any blockbuster film. You challenged us to maybe not take Star Wars too seriously for once. There’s still room for childlike humor.

You also paved the way for diverse storytelling both on- and off-screen. You had something of importance to say about found family and redemption, even when others said you were “just for kids.” You showed us that the powers of loyalty and friendship will always triumph over any planet-killing weapon. You left us emotionally and spiritually uplifted. You stayed true to George’s vision in making us feel good about life.

In times like these, feeling good about life is the greatest gift one could possibly give.

“This is a fairytale. You want everybody to live happily ever after and nothing bad happens to anybody.” — George Lucas

Star Wars Resistance, "The Escape: Part 2."

We need a laugh. We need a cry. We need a smile. You gave it all. You continue to.

We hope the Colossus is doing well. Send her our regards. If she wants to swing by Earth quick and pick some of us up, that would be wizard.

Regardless of whether or not we see you again, that’s okay—we won't complain if you pulled a third season out of the hat, though.

Wherever you are, or wherever you might end up, just know you are not forgotten.

You are remembered.


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