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STAR WARS RESISTANCE, or It's Okay To Be Silly!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Star Wars Resistance, "No Place Safe."

It won’t be for everyone. But that doesn’t mean Star Wars Resistance has nothing to offer. Society often labels cartoons and animation as “for kids” only, no adults allowed. On the flip side, many adults hunger for more mature content, no kids allowed! Heck, Zack Snyder most recently jabbed at this idea, saying his cut of Justice League is "made for grownups."

Do such divisive labels ring true in a galaxy far, far away, though? As seen by the Star Wars fandom’s love for The Clone Wars and Rebels, we know that’s not the case. Yet, we often leave Resistance out of that conversation because it was made with younger audiences in mind, moreso than previous Star Wars animation.

But it's so much more than a "kid's show."

Resistance is full of well-rounded characters, complete with their own stories and motivations that got them to where they are. They come from all over the galaxy to be on the Colossus and lead complex lives. Although they are all strong characters individually, they are just as powerful as a team. Despite a short two-season run, we still come to know the interior lives of so many of the characters, even beyond the core group of Yeager, Tam, Torra, Neeku, and Kaz.


Because the show largely takes place in a centralized location, rather than the team moving from one world to the next, there is a real sense of synergy between the characters and the Colossus. In a time that often feels like community is hard to find, Resistance provides it. The idea of rallying together around a common cause and the importance of family beyond our own blood are all on display here. They're important reminders for viewers to seek out these relationships in our own lives, which strengthen our well-being and our communities.

Yes, this show is often silly. It’s almost every episode we see someone tripping, or nearly tripping, over a hazard. Neeku doesn't quite understand sarcasm, and Kaz is often creating one “Kaz-tastrophe” after another. This element of the show is what gives it character.

In 2020, it’s been hard to find joy to hold onto. There have been too many days that I've found myself not having had a good laugh or unable to bring myself to care about the things I’m stuck with right now. Thankfully, Star Wars Resistance has been there to fill those gaps.

Star Wars Resistance, "Into the Unknown."

Neeku, in particular, is at the center of that. Whether he's meeting his new best friend Bibo for the first time, plainly telling CB-23 that her head is disconnected from her body, or always taking things too literally, the galaxy's purest Nikto never fails to make me smile. These moments have endeared me to the characters and reminded me that we’re all going to look a little silly sometimes.

Adult audiences shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the show because of its orientation towards kids. They are missing out on the most diverse cast in Star Wars, both on- and off-screen. They are missing out on the silliness of the plots and the "noodliness" of the characters. They are missing out on a story that beautifully weaves the relatively small community of the Colossus with the larger story of the Resistance: a story that reminds us about the power of empathy, the power of community, and the power of joy.

In the end, a "kid's show" is exactly what we all need.


Sarah Hass is a co-host on the Friends of the Force main show and Resistance series Bibo's Book Report. She is also a co-creator of #RememberingResistance Day. When she's not annoying Brad by keeping him on the Zoom meeting longer than either of them intended, you can find her nonsensical ramblings on her twitter @seh221 and her attempt at being at BookTuber on YouTube at "Sarah Vlogs Thoughts."

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